PAC Mission

Equality Utah Political Action Committee (PAC), an IRS 527 organization, endorses candidates and supports their campaigns with volunteer efforts and financial contributions. Through the efforts of Equality Utah PAC, we are working to expand the number of fair-minded elected officials in state and local government.

Each election cycle, Equality Utah PAC invites all candidates running for either municipal or state government to fill out an issues based survey and interview to receive Equality Utah PAC’s endorsement.


EU-Endorsed 2Equality Utah PAC is proud to support and endorse its slate of 2014 fair-minded candidates, many of whom have played vital roles in our movement to create a fair and just Utah. As you head to the polls on November 4, 2014, it is our hope that you will keep these candidates in mind who have proven their knowledge of our issues and their commitment to bettering the landscape for gay and transgender Utahns.

Your participation in Utah’s electoral process is more vital than ever. Please make sure that you get out and vote!

2014 Equality Utah PAC Endorsed Candidates:

US House of Representatives

Donna McAleer | US House 1
Luz Robles | US House 2

State Offices

Alain Balmanno | House 32
Angela Romero | House 26
Bill Both | House 22
Brian King | House 28
Camille Neider | House 7
Carol Spackman Moss | House 37
Charles Stormont | Attorney General
Christine Passey | House 44
Chrystal Butterfield | House 38
Clare Collard | Senate 12
Colleen Bliss | House 41
Dorothy Engelman | House 74
Eric Irvine | House 10
Gene Davis | Senate 3
Glenn Wright | House 54
Jani Iwamoto | Senate 4
Jim Dabakis | Senate 2
Joel Briscoe | House 25
Justin Miller | House 40
Joseph Marerro | House 12
Karen Kwan | House 34
Karen Mayne | Senate 5
Kathryn Gustafson | Senate 9
Larry Wiley | House 31
Liz Muniz House 33
Marie Poulson | House 46
Mark Wheatley | House 35
Mat Wenzel | Senate 18
Michael D. Lee | House 30
Michele Weeks | Senate 11
Nick DeLand | House 42
Patrice Arent | House 36
Rebecca Chavez-Houck | House 24
Rick Pollock | House 21
Sandra Hollins | House 23
Steve Olsen | House 9
Susan Marques Booth | House 45

Municipal Offices

Arlyn Bradshaw | SLCO Council District 1
Jeff Hatch | SLCO Auditor
Jenny Wilson | SLCO At-Large
Jim Winder | SLCO Sherriff
Mary Bishop | SLCO Recorder
Mike Fife | SLCO Treasurer
Sim Gill | SLCO District Attorney
Zacharia Levine | Grand County Clerk/Auditor

* School Board races not considered for endorsement this year.

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