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Equality Utah Political Action Committee (PAC), an IRS 527 organization, endorses candidates and supports their campaigns with volunteer efforts and financial contributions. Through the efforts of Equality Utah PAC, we are working to expand the number of fair-minded elected officials in state and local government.

Each election cycle, Equality Utah PAC invites all candidates running for either municipal or state government to fill out an issues based survey and interview to receive Equality Utah PAC’s endorsement.



Amy Fowler has spent her life exploring the mountains and valleys surrounding Salt Lake City. She was born and raised in Utah, and graduated from Ogden public schools.  Amy’s love for the outdoors took her out of state for four years to study biology at Seattle University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2000. In 2013 she married her partner and best friend, Pidge Winburn, a wildland firefighter. Amy attended law school at the University of Utah and she began working at the public defender’s office in 2014.

Amy has spent her career defending the rights of those who find themselves thrust into the criminal justice system,. A voice for the voiceless, her work has not stopped there and is not merely her day job. In 2013, Amy co-founded the LGBT and Allied Lawyers of Utah, a non-profit legal organization that fights for the rights of the LGBT community. 

"Utah deserves a government that works for all its people. We need diverse representation to ensure that no one is left out. I am happy to have Equality Utah PAC's endorsement because I believe in a fair and just Utah. As a woman and a member of the LGBTQ community, I know just how necessary it is to push real change forward.” – Amy Fowler

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