Equality Utah PAC endorses Mike Weinholtz

Mike Weinholtz doesn’t just give lip service to equality, he lives it. Mike has been working in the trenches with the LGBTQ community for years. When the early nondiscrimination efforts were being advanced in the Utah Legislature, Mike was right by our side, testifying on our behalf.

Mike was also an early champion of marriage equality. He threw his support behind efforts to provide loving same-sex couples the legal rights to become full Americans. As a business leader, Mike led the way at CHG Healthcare to ensure that LGBTQ employees had every right and privilege that his straight employees enjoy.

Mike’s ethos of “putting people first” has been at the center of his advocacy. Through good times and bad, Mike and his family have locked arms with our community. 

As governor, Mike’s people-centered leadership will not only uplift Utah’s thriving LGBTQ population, it will lift and inspire everyone living in our state.

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